About My First Baby Bazaar

​All about My First Baby Bazaar.

Our story began with two Mums and a passion for recycling! Lisa, a childcare provider and owner of My First Word nursery, and Louise fellow Mum and ‘Recycling Queen.’

Lisa, has been running My First Word for over 10years. ” I can’t believe the amount of un-claimed lost property” Lisa reports.

Despite reminding parents in their communications, no body seems to miss their children’s coats, shoes, gloves and socks. “Children seem to have so much stuff ” says Lisa

There is so much waste in the world and the landfills just keep growing. So what can we do?

Myself I love to recycle. I’m always looking out for and selling on recycled clothes, toys ,beds and cars. Basically anything pre loved and well looked after, so it has a few years left in it. Perfect! Plus we all love to save money too!

I recently bought a recycled toddler bed for my son in the shape of a car. It had only been used for 10months so plenty of life left in it. I will use it for 2 years maximum then sell it on. An example of recycling at its best.

Anything child related seems to cost so much money these days. We all want the best for our children don’t we? Therefore, with a mixture of preloved and new items, we can hopefully achieve this.

Together Lisa and I decided to organise baby sales throughout the year. The perfect place to hold them…the lovely settings of My First Word! Both settings are in light, bright rooms conveniently located on bus routes and in good residential areas.

This is how “My First Baby Bazaar” was born. This is our way of giving Mums the opportunity to sell preloved baby and toddler items their children have out grown and best of all DECLUTTER , RECYCLE and make some money towards the next stage of your child’s life! Perfect! What’s not to love.

Our aim is to achieve this in a friendly and happy atmosphere…bringing people together who hold our values… making friends on the way, whilst enjoying the buzzy atmosphere of selling and chatting to other families….Sharing stories about our little ones and of course about the items we are buying at bargain prices;)

Come and join us for a cup of tea, homemade cake and find some bargains for your little ones.