Seller Information

Tables are £10, please book in advance to avoid disappointment as there are a limited number of tables available.

There are a few tips to help make your table stand out and sell sell sell.

Keep all your boys and girls clothing separate , tidy and in size order. Buyers like to quickly see if you are selling the size they need if not they will move on.

We are all looking for a bargain and high street, designer clothing sells a lot better than supermarket items, maybe keep your nicer bits on a rail and the cheaper
Items in a container and mark up for £2.00 and less. Nothing more off putting when I see a supermarket item being sold for £3.00/£4.00. People just move on to the next table.

If you have large items to sell , maybe take a photo of it and design a “FOR SALE ” sign and display it on your table, chat to everyone who comes to your table,find out what they are looking for and sell it that way.

All nice and clean with no bits missing and all pages present , try and keep in age ranges to make it clear what you are selling, maybe make a sign. Prices between £2.00 / £5.00 leaves room for negotiation.

The best selling tool you have is your smile (a little bit corny I know but true). I buy from someone who is friendly and chatting to me about her preloved items. We all love to chat about our little ones, find out what they are looking for! Use your space wisely, if you have too much stuff you can always do another sale!

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to help you, please contact us.